up to 4 colour

packaging tape

Custom branded packaging tape is a great way to seal your boxes whilst advertising your company in transit. Personalize your packaging to gain maximum exposure in today’s competitive market.

up to 4 colour printed

packaging tape

With the general white or clear packaging tape we will ensure that your design will have solid and vivid colours to stand out when you seal your boxes.


wide selection of colours

base coloured tape

Base coloured tapes are a great way to add colour to your tape without having to coat it with colour before printing.


brown coated

Buff tape

Buff tape is most commonly used for boxes as it resembles the natural colour of the carton which will give you a uniform colour throughout.

activates with water

gummed tape

Made from natural resources such as paper or potato starch, the gummed tape adhesive activates as soon as it comes into contact with water.

We provide an state-of-the-art design service to customers who don’t already have print-ready artwork. Once we’ve collected a few pieces of information, our qualified design team puts together your initial concept. We then create a digital mockup using our innovative proofing system. This shows exactly how your design would look once produced. Then using your feedback, we make revisions until you are 100% happy with the design.

No two people or businesses are alike. We’ve created artwork for tens of thousands of customers and never come across two organisations whose requirements are identical. We don’t believe in templates. Instead, we firmly believe that the development of the artwork should be a collaborative, creative process that is given the time and attention it deserves. It’s the only way to make sure that the design is as unique as the company.

Customers need an understanding of how the final product will look and feel before placing an order. Yet the cost of tooling makes it impractical to manufacture a specimen. We’ve solved this dilemma using a digital proofing system. We provide images showing exactly how your design will look once produced. Coupled with our ability to provide *FREE SAMPLES of previously manufactured products, the customer can accurately assess the design and quality of their product before placing their order.

*Available for collection at our offices in Alberton.

We are not naive enough to think that the first design we send you will be a winner. There will be elements you like and some you don’t. Every customer has different tastes and priorities. So we don’t place an arbitrary limit on the number of revisions we’re prepared to undertake. Instead, we work with you, using your feedback to patiently revise and alter the artwork, moving the project forward until you are 100% happy with the way it looks.

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